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Book 3: The Shadows of Islay


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 Book 2: The Whispering of the Night



A sinister mystery thriller with strong heroines

Lena is the perfect distraction for Jenna, who has been living alone ever since her daughter moved out. The two women meet in a bar and immediately take to each other. Bit by bit, however, Jenna cannot help feeling that Lena is hiding something from her. Too late she realises the danger she is in. For the two women are bound by a centuries-old and powerful secret that has already claimed many victims.
Jenna gets caught up in a deadly game in which there is no distinguishing good and evil…



 Book 1: The Whispering of Fear


Single mom Jenna Winters and her rebellious teenage daughter Kim lead an average life in Munich/Germany, when suddenly their lives are turned upside down. Strange things are happening to both of them, and gradually Jenna and Kim realize that the deaths surrounding them, the nightmares they are having, are somehow connected. It seems that they are deliberately terrorized by someone. So the two women have to team up and find out who is after them. And why. Before someone else dies. The solution is nothing but simple, but along their flight, leading from Munich to London, then to a Scottish island and back to Germany, they will face their worst enemy, find incredible friends  – and find themselves.  


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Publisher: Diana Verlag / Random House, Munich. Subsidiary and translation rights are handled by Diana. (www.diana-verlag.de)

All other queries are handled by my agent Katrin Kroll at the Petra Eggers Agency in Berlin. (katrin.kroll@agentur-eggers.de)

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